LGBTQ+ Recs // Happy Pride Month!!

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be recommending some of my favorite LGBTQ+ books in celebration of pride month! I have many recommendations, but for this list, I’m going to narrow it down to 7 of my favorites! Hope you enjoy it!

Let’s get started!

You Should See Me in a Crown

  • Cute sapphic romance
  • Prom Queen Competition to win money to go to her dream college
  • Theme of friendship
  • Representation: Liz is Black & sapphic; Mack is sapphic; multiple side characters are BIPOC; Liz’s brother Robbie is Black & has sickle cell disease

The Henna Wars

  • Cute Sapphic Romance
  • Business competition with competing henna shops
  • fierce sibling bond
  • Representation: Bengali Muslim lesbian MC, Brazilian-Irish (Afro-Latinx) bisexual LI, side Bengali characters, side Korean character

Felix Ever After

  • Includes m/m romance and a love triangle
  • About finding who you are and your identity
  • Theme of Friendship
  • Representation: Transgender demi boy, a black main character, a mixed main character, gay/lesbian/bisexual/queer characters, a disowned character

Cemetery Boys

  • Lovable m/m romance
  • Latinx backstory with Brujos who can summon ghosts and pass them on to the afterlife
  • A mystery to find a ghost and set it free
  • Representation: own voices trans Latinx (Cuban Mexican) MC, Haitian side character, Columbian side character, gay MC & love interest.

They Both Die at the End

  • Cute m/m romance
  • Set in a futuristic world where a program called Death-Cast that comes to you the day you are suppose to die
  • Theme of making the most of the time you have left
  • Representation: Mateo is gay/queer; Rufus is bisexual; and both are Latinx

Red, White and Royal Blue

  • Lovable m/m romance
  • Fake friendship between the First Son of the US and the Prince of the England after a confrontation at a royal wedding
  • Enjoyable bantering between the two MCs and great side characters
  • Representation: Alex is Mexican American and bisexual; Henry is gay/queer

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

  • Cute m/m romance
  • A classic LGBTQ+ about finding your identity
  • navigating high school drama and a secret romance
  • Representation: MC is gay; side character is black, Jewish and gay; Another side character is bisexual; Another side character is bisexual

What did you think of my picks? What are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ books?

See you next time!

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