Reasons why I follow book blogs // A Discussion

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to another bookish discussion! Today’s topic will focus on what I like to see when reading book blogs!

I love to support fellow bloggers in the community, and there are so many great bloggers in this community!

Let’s get started!

Creative + Original Content

This is the top reason why I follow other blogs and also why I love blogging. Coming up with fresh, creative content is a part of blogging, and I like when people can step out of the book and try something different.

I try to stick to the same motto when I’m blogging as well. I came up with fun series such as Trope-Themed Thursdays and Book Recommendations based on popular movies and TV shows to keep my viewers engaged with my content.

Producing this type of content makes me engaged in your blog and want to come back for more. Sure, you can talk about previous topics that other bloggers might have talked about before but bring a new perspective to keep the conversation going.

Some bloggers who make fresh and creative posts:

Well Crafted Book Reviews

I love sitting down and crafting a review for a book I just read. So for me, that’s one of the main things I look for when following new blogs.

Book reviews are essential for authors and publishers. A good review means that the book is received well and successful. It’s also important that you’re honest in your reviews. You have to give your honest opinion because that’s what your readers expect from you.

When I’m reading reviews, I like to see that bloggers addressed all aspects that make up a book. Addressing all parts of the book can help the reader determine if they want to pick up this book or not.

The elements I like to see address in reviews include:

  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Pacing
  • References certain moments as evidence to back up their claims
  • Information about the book
  • Writing
  • Any potential flaws or plot holes

Some great reviewers here on the blogsphere:

Wide Variety of Topics

When bloggers can do a wide variety of topics, it can make their bloggers more engaging, and you never know what to expect. One day, they could have a discussion post, and another day they could have a recommendation post based on a particular theme.

This keeps the reader engaged and interested in what will come next. With running my blog, I try to stick to this motto. Sometimes posting the same things can become stale and get boring quickly.


Most readers have strong opinions, which is kind of expected. I mean, everyone in the world has strong opinions on particular topics. Being able to read the discussion with these strong opinions is entertaining. You can have an in-depth conversation with other bloggers, which gives you new perspectives and a way to share ideas.

Some bloggers that have great discussion posts include:

Book Recommendations:

This may be kinda obvious, but bloggers give good book recommendations. They read all the time, so it makes sense that they would have good tastes. Blogger recommendations in nature are more genuine. They’ll go into depth on why you should read this book and why they liked it so much.

Bloggers are more likely to give a more diverse list than any other type. Rather than the same types of books, you get to experience different perspectives and get a feel of what it’s like for other people besides yourself.

Some bloggers that have great book recommendations include:

Engagement with followers + other bloggers

When looking for new bloggers to follow, I always see how they engage with their followers.

Blogs are a great way to get conversations going through the comments. Readers often leave lengthy and thoughtful replies, which is hard to do with other platforms.

You get to not only see the blogger’s opinion but also get to see what other readers think about the opinion. This can create a great discussion between the blogger and readers creating a bond that will make readers want to come back.


Personality can make or break a blog. I enjoy reading posts where you can see the personality jump off the page and enjoy what they are doing. Making witty remarks or having an upbeat attitude when interacting with readers makes it more enjoyable.

Everyone that I’ve meet on the blogsphere has been so nice, and genuine group of people I’ve meet!

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Thanks for checking out this post! See you next time!

24 thoughts on “Reasons why I follow book blogs // A Discussion

  1. Lovely discussion, Maddie! And yes, I agree with all your points so much! Unique and original content ideas are the absolute best! Ooh, yes, and all the unique personalities – they’re literally one of the best things about blogging! You get to meet and know so many new people! Blog designs and graphics are another thing that really affect whether I follow someones blog

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! And ah yes I completely agree – bloggers definitely put in so much time and effort into their posts and it really reflects in their posts. I love reading long reviews because they can easily convince me to pick up a book and having good, detailed and nuanced discussions is always interesting and broadens your thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a great post, I completely agree with your reasons! Blogging is a very different way of talking about books than other types of social media, and I love all the reviews, discussion posts, and recommendations I see, it’s great to be able to read posts that are more in-depth. Also, thank you for thinking of me, I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed my discussion posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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