Reasons why I follow book blogs // A Discussion

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Welcome back to another bookish discussion! Today’s topic will focus on what I like to see when reading book blogs!

I love to support fellow bloggers in the community, and there are so many great bloggers in this community!

Let’s get started!

Creative + Original Content

This is the top reason why I follow other blogs and also why I love blogging. Coming up with fresh, creative content is a part of blogging, and I like when people can step out of the book and try something different.

I try to stick to the same motto when I’m blogging as well. I came up with fun series such as Trope-Themed Thursdays and Book Recommendations based on popular movies and TV shows to keep my viewers engaged with my content.

Producing this type of content makes me engaged in your blog and want to come back for more. Sure, you can talk about previous topics that other bloggers might have talked about before but bring a new perspective to keep the conversation going.

Some bloggers who make fresh and creative posts:

Well Crafted Book Reviews

I love sitting down and crafting a review for a book I just read. So for me, that’s one of the main things I look for when following new blogs.

Book reviews are essential for authors and publishers. A good review means that the book is received well and successful. It’s also important that you’re honest in your reviews. You have to give your honest opinion because that’s what your readers expect from you.

When I’m reading reviews, I like to see that bloggers addressed all aspects that make up a book. Addressing all parts of the book can help the reader determine if they want to pick up this book or not.

The elements I like to see address in reviews include:

  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Pacing
  • References certain moments as evidence to back up their claims
  • Information about the book
  • Writing
  • Any potential flaws or plot holes

Some great reviewers here on the blogsphere:

Wide Variety of Topics

When bloggers can do a wide variety of topics, it can make their bloggers more engaging, and you never know what to expect. One day, they could have a discussion post, and another day they could have a recommendation post based on a particular theme.

This keeps the reader engaged and interested in what will come next. With running my blog, I try to stick to this motto. Sometimes posting the same things can become stale and get boring quickly.


Most readers have strong opinions, which is kind of expected. I mean, everyone in the world has strong opinions on particular topics. Being able to read the discussion with these strong opinions is entertaining. You can have an in-depth conversation with other bloggers, which gives you new perspectives and a way to share ideas.

Some bloggers that have great discussion posts include:

Book Recommendations:

This may be kinda obvious, but bloggers give good book recommendations. They read all the time, so it makes sense that they would have good tastes. Blogger recommendations in nature are more genuine. They’ll go into depth on why you should read this book and why they liked it so much.

Bloggers are more likely to give a more diverse list than any other type. Rather than the same types of books, you get to experience different perspectives and get a feel of what it’s like for other people besides yourself.

Some bloggers that have great book recommendations include:

Engagement with followers + other bloggers

When looking for new bloggers to follow, I always see how they engage with their followers.

Blogs are a great way to get conversations going through the comments. Readers often leave lengthy and thoughtful replies, which is hard to do with other platforms.

You get to not only see the blogger’s opinion but also get to see what other readers think about the opinion. This can create a great discussion between the blogger and readers creating a bond that will make readers want to come back.


Personality can make or break a blog. I enjoy reading posts where you can see the personality jump off the page and enjoy what they are doing. Making witty remarks or having an upbeat attitude when interacting with readers makes it more enjoyable.

Everyone that I’ve meet on the blogsphere has been so nice, and genuine group of people I’ve meet!

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Blogger Interview with Maddie!

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Here is my interview with Riddhi @ Whispering Stories who asked me a series of tough questions! A big thanks for letting me come on her blog, and asking some fun questions! Go check her blog out, if you haven’t already!

Whispering Stories

Hey everybody! Welcome or welcome back to my blog!

It’s 6th September today, a.k.a, the day I post the first blogger interview! I will be posting interviews every Monday and Saturday, so that you week ends and begin with one of these, haha.

Today, I have Maddie @Inking and Thinking here with me, and I am so stoked to have you here Maddie! Let’s begin already!

R- Tell my readers a bit about yourself and your blog.

M- Hi everyone! My name is Maddie, and I run the blog called Inking & Thinking! On my blog, I do reviews on usually YA books, but I occasionally review adult books! I also have many different books lists posts; some examples I have done in the past are Book Recs Based on Popular TV shows and movies and Trope Themed Thursdays! I also do various discussions on Bookish Topics, and as…

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Bookish Pet Peeves // A Disscusion

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Welcome back! Hope you are doing well! Today, I have a exciting post for you!

But before that I have a VERY special announcement! I have officially reach 100 followers on my blog! I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been on this journey with me, and has helped me along the way! I have a lot of things plan for the future and I hope you stick around!

To celebrate I decided I’m going to host a Q&A! You can ask me anything you from what my favorite food is to what do I hate about blogging! If you would like to submit a question for me to answer, fill out this form!

For Today, I’ll be discussing some of my bookish pet peeves! All readers have different Bookish Pet Peeves that annoy them, and I’ll be sharing some of mine! This discussion idea was suggested by Cherry @ Letters to the Lost! Go check out her blog, if you haven’t already!

Let’s get started!

Stickers on Books

Sometimes when you buy a book, they stick stickers on the book cover, Which is the most irritating thing in the world! They are always so difficult to remove and leave this ugly mark. These stickers usually tend to be price tags and barcodes. I wish they would find an alternative to this so we can avoid those sticky marks. 

Dog Earring Pages + Bending Book Cover

I hate when people use Dog Earring as a bookmark. Even if you don’t have a bookmark, you can use other items in your house. Some examples could include Post-it Notes, Price Tags, Paper Towel, and anything like that.

It’s frustrating when people mess up the book when there are simple solutions to avoid it! 

Some people even bend the book cover because they like to fold over the book. Please don’t do that! You are damaging the book even more because not only does the cover ben, but you are cracking the spine! This will lead to the book falling apart.

Love Triangles + Insta Love

I’m sure this is the case for most people, but I despise these two tropes.

In love triangles, you end up having to pick a side, and if the main character doesn’t end up with that character, it’s disappointing. This trope is also so overused, and you see it many times in YA. But you can even have more than Love triangles. The last book I read had a love square?!?! I mean, that’s too much!

If you don’t already know, Insta Love stands for Instant Love. It’s when a romantic relationship forms very quickly with no development. It’s a cheap and easy way of putting together two characters without having to do the work.

Being interrupted while reading

When someone tries to talk to me while reading, that gets me very annoyed. As you can see, I’m trying to read here. At least wait until I finished the chapter and place down my book. If it’s an emergency, then it’s okay, but otherwise…

When a book starts off well…but it ends bad

Your reading and the book has this fantastic start, and it just keeps getting better. But then it all comes crashing down when you get to the end. You spent all this time reading, and then you end up being majorly disappointed.

Books that have movies covers

9 times out of 10, if a book has a movie cover, it doesn’t look the best. I don’t want to see actors in the movie. Half the time don’t match their character counterparts. I would rather see art on the cover done by professional artists.

Having to wait for the next book in the series

I’m not the most patient person when waiting for the next book in the series. When the last book in the series ends in a cliffhanger, it keeps me waiting in anticipation, wanting to know what will happen.


I’m sure most people would agree, but spoilers are the worst. No one wants to be spoiled about a book that they haven’t read yet. So please, do not spoil any parts of a book that people haven’t read. It’s plain rude!

What are some of your Bookish Pet Peeves? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Reading Slumps: How do you get out of them? // A Discussion

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For this discussion, I’ll be talking about Reading Slumps and ways to get out of them! If you want me to discuss a certain topic, you can fill out this form here!

Let’s get started!

What are Reading Slumps?

Reading Slumps are when you aren’t in the mood to read or can’t get into reading a book. They can last for a few days. It can even last several weeks, depending on the severity of it.

The signs that you have fallen prey to the DREADED Reading Slump…

  • It starts gradually. It usually happens when you are in the middle of a book and finds some flaws while reading. And then suddenly, you can’t read it anymore. You are stuck in the same place and keep reading the same line over again 
  • You think that you’ll get past this particular line, but you don’t. So you decided to continue it tomorrow. But the same thing happens every time.
  • You decided to read something else, but it doesn’t end up working. You can’t get into it.

That is when you have fallen prey to the DREADED Reading Slump

Tips to get out of reading slumps

I’m going to be giving some tips on how to get out of the dread reading slumps! Hopefully, these tips will help you whenever you get stuck in a slump!

  • Tip One: Read an Audiobook 
    • Sometimes your eyes need a break from reading. To give your eyes a rest, listening to an audiobook can allow them to, but you’re still reading.
  • Tip Two: Re-Read an old favorite 
    • Sometimes if you just read a book you loved in the past, it can help remind you why you love reading in the first place, encouraging you to read again!
  • Tip Three: Talk to your bookish friends 
    • If you talk to your Bookish Friends, they will give you the motivation to keep trying and may give you new recommendations to try out!
  • Tip Four: Read a Shorter, Fast-Paced Book 
    • If you read a short, fast-paced book and finish it, you may feel accomplished after reading it. If so, it could help you delve back into your regular TBR
  • Tip Six: Try a New Genre 
    • If you keep reading Fantasy books, you may become disinterested and become bored reading the same genre over and over. If you try reading a new genre, like historical fiction, it would give you a break and introduce you to a new genre.
  • Tip Seven: Don’t Stress Yourself out not being able to read
    • If you’re not able to read, that okay! If you stress about it more, the less and less reading you’ll get done. Rather take a break and come back to it.
  • Tip Eight: Read some Blog Posts or watch Booktube
    • Watching or Reading posts about loving reading always makes you want to experience that feeling with them. You can always receive inspiration to start a new book or get new recommendations!
  • Tip Nine: Reorganize your Bookshelves
    • If you redo your bookshelves, it will help you remember some of your great reading moments and your favorite books. You’ll also end up with a brand new reorganized bookshelf at the end!

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Have you ever been stuck in a reading slump? What are some ways that you got out of it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Audiobooks: Are they as good as they seem? // A Discussion

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to another discussion! Today, we will be discussing if Audiobooks are as good as they seem. I’ll be going through some pros and cons of Audiobooks and then make a final verdict.

Many readers have conflicting views on audiobooks. Either reader hate them or love them. But there is a general thought that it is a fantastic resource for accessibility allowing more people to read.

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Let’s get started!



Audiobooks are much easier to fit into your schedule. You can listen to them at any time during the day. You can listen on the bus, while you are cooking, or when you are drawing. You can do it anywhere and at any time!

Audiobooks also take up way less space. Instead of having to carry around a physical book in your bag, it’s simply just stored on your phone. All you need is your phone and earphones to listen.

Immersive Reading Experience

You may think that Audiobooks are just a person reading a book out loud. But it’s not just that. Audiobooks can include production, music, and sound effects. With these elements, you feel like you have a part in the story and live with the characters.

A few months ago, I listened to The Girls I’ve Been audiobook, and I loved it! The use of voices, sound effects, and music add much more of an impact to the book. I felt scared and afraid, as though I was with the characters as the bank was robbed.


This is one of the best pros to audiobooks. There is a wide range of reasons why many can’t read physical books or ebooks, like they don’t have time, struggle with comprehending texts, have a visual impairment, or other disability that causes them to struggle.

Audiobooks provide the opportunity for everyone to read! 


Harder to comprehend:

Some readers are not auditory people, so concentrating on an audiobook can be difficult to comprehend and retain what’s said. There have been times when I listen to an audiobook but only can remember basic information like the main plot.

It can be easier to drift off and quickly stop listening to the story. You may have to re-listen to a section to make sure you understand.

Some have poor quality:

Though there are great narrators, sometimes there can be some bad ones. Whether it be because it’s free or the narrator doesn’t work for you. From poor microphone quality, noise interference, odd narration choices, or they’re just a wide cast of characters with the same voice. ‘

Readers are more likely to get an audiobook with poor narration because many audiobooks can be very expensive. I will explain more down below.


Prices vary depending on the book, but the average cost is around 20 to 30 dollars. That’s a lot of money for one book! Some physical books don’t even cost that much! If someone is an avid reader, this could be a lot of money to spend.

But with subscription services, like Amazon offer cost-effective solutions to listening to audiobooks. You can use other services like Libby, which allows you to put in your library card and take out audiobooks for free!

Final Thoughts:

So what are my final thoughts on Audiobooks?

I feel like audiobooks are just alright. The positives don’t outweigh the negatives, nor do the negatives outweigh the positives. One of the best things about Audiobooks is accessibility allowing more people more access to reading.

But it’s up to you how you feel about audiobooks. I don’t mind them, but I won’t reach for them as much compared to physical and ebooks.

Also, Remember that Audiobooks are a form of reading! Many readers say that audiobooks aren’t reading, but they are! You are taking in information and listening to a story.

What are your thoughts on Audiobooks? Do you like them or are they not for you?

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Is it bad to DNF books? Why do readers DNF books? // A Discussion

Hey Guys!

For today’s discussion, We will be discussing DNFs. The two questions we will be answering today are “Is it bad to DNF books” and “Why do readers DNF books” If you are interested in hearing my thoughts on this topic, feel free to stick around! If you would like me to discuss a topic you interested in, you can request it here

Hope you enjoy this discussion!

What does DNF stand for?

If you didn’t already know, DNF stands for Did not finish. This means that you didn’t finish the book for different reasons.

Have I DNF books before? If so, which ones?

I have DNF books before. I haven’t DNF many because I always like to finish a book to see how it ends up becoming. Many times, I see people DNF books even though they aren’t that far in yet, but then when they re-read it, they end up liking it.

I’ve only DNF a few books, but the one I remember most clearly is A Court of Frost and Starlight. I just found it to be very boring and nothing too exciting. It also felt like nothing mattered in this book, and there were no high stakes.

Why do readers DNF books?

There are many reasons why readers DNF books. It all depends on the reader. All readers are different meaning, we all have various likes and dislikes. Some of the most common reasons include:

Not enjoying it

Sometimes a book doesn’t grab a reader’s attention as much as they hoped it would. Due to this, they may decide to put it to the side and read it another time. Or the reader may decide not to pick up the book again.

Wrong Time

Sometimes you pick up a book at the wrong time. You may be in a reading slump meaning, that you aren’t in the mood to read but to get out of it, you pick up the book but ultimately DNF. But the next time you pick it up, you may fully read through it.

Not Well Written

This is self-explanatory, but the writing can be horrible. It may be filled with errors, simple language, or confusing to understand, which may lead to a DNF.

Horrible Characters & Plot

Many readers love character-driven books. If the readers don’t connect with the characters then most of the time, they end up DNFing, or not liking the book. Characters can fall flat, or the reader can’t see themselves. And if they don’t enjoy the characters, it can make it a struggle to make it through the book.

The same could go for the plot. If nothing is happening or the plot doesn’t make logical sense, then the reader may fall into disinterest. This is the issue I had with “A Court of Frost and Starlight,” which is why I ended up DNFing.

Is it bad to DNF books?

It may sound bad to DNF a book, but it’s not bad at all! Readers do it all the time, and sometimes it doesn’t mean that a reader is giving up on a book but rather putting it aside.

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What are your thoughts on DNFs? Have you ever DNF a book? Let me know your thoughts in comments!

Do you need TBRs to be considered a reader? // A Discussion

Hey Guys!

Today’s topic is inspired by an old October 2019 Let’s Talk Bookish prompt hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion! Since I was not a blogger around this time so I decided that I would take a stab at it today!

Hope you enjoy this discussion!

Let me start by saying that you do not need a TBR to be a reader. Whether you use one or not is up to you! No one else can tell you whether or not to use one! I use TBRs, and I enjoy using them a lot!

What are TBRs?

TBRs stand for To be Read. TBRs are a list of books that you want to read in the future.

You can have TBRs that stick to a time limit. For example, I do monthly TBRs, but sometimes I do get off schedule just a bit.

You can also have one big TBR list that contains all the books you want to read without a time limit.


  • Help you keep track of books that you are interested in
  • Gives you a variety of books to choose from
  • Helps you to pick out books for tags or TBR posts or books for challenges you are participating in
  • Helps you plan out what books you want to get done when

It’s like a book checklist where you check off books when you finish them and plan dates when you want certain books read by.


  • Can add too many books to the TBR and end up not getting to most of them
  • Can be discouraging and stop reaching readers to hitting their goals
  • Can easily get off your schedule and get behind
  • The books can easily rack up and if you have a book tours or arcs that have to be read by a certain date, you may end up never getting to them

Want me to discuss a certain topic?

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What are your thoughts on TBRs? Do you use one? Let me know in the comments!

How do I rate books? // A Discussion

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be discussing how I rate my books and what factors goes into my rating system. If you are interested in knowing more, keep on reading!

What is my rating scale?

  • 1 Star: Did not like anything at all and overall it was a disappointment
  • 2 Stars: Had potential there but it wasn’t used to the fullest potential
  • 3 Stars: It was okay but I wanted more from it
  • 4 Stars: Enjoyed it but something is missing
  • 5 Stars: Loved it and have no issues with it

Recommendations usually start around 3 stars or higher

What factors influence my rating?

1. Worldbuilding

One of my favorite things to judge when I’m reviewing a book is worldbuilding. When a book’s worldbuilding has something missing that’s okay as long as the other elements are still good.

What makes elements make worldbuilding good and worth reading?

  • Details that add to the world and add extra depth
    • This could include details like
      • History
      • Geography or layout
      • Cultures
      • Languages
  • Shows the things that characters don’t see
    • What they take for granted
    • What they have trained themselves not to notice or overlook
  • Show that the world is not perfect but has the capability to break
  • Show that the world is worth fighting for
  • Show how the characters and how society acts in this world
    • Day to day life
    • What problems this world has

You want to show that the world is three dimensional rather than static with one dimension

Info Dumping

One of the issues that books tend to do when they do worldbuilding is info-dumping. Info dumping is when an author dumps a big piece of information onto your lap all at once. This can be slightly annoying because it can be confusing to follow, and you can quickly forget important information about the world that may be crucial to know later.

One of the ways authors can prevent this is by spreading information about the world throughout the story. This way makes it easier for readers to learn and understand all about the world the story takes place in. This can especially be helpful for fantasy stories since they usually include items; such as magic systems, various lands, magical creatures, etc.

2. Plot & Pacing

Besides characters, plot and pacing can have a major influence on how I rate a book. If the story has missing holes or the pacing is all over the place, it will most likely bring my reading experience of the book down. I put these two topics in the same section because I feel like both of them influence one another and can greatly impact the other if not done right.


Consistency. A great book has pacing that is consistent and doesn’t change up all over the place. Many times books can start very slow, which can get very boring quickly but then as you get into it more it starts to speed up and fly by. This bothers me very much because I would rather see a book that keeps one pacing rather than speeding up or slowing down at certain sections.

Many books suffer from a slow beginning and a fast ending. If I start reading a book and it takes forever until the plot starts picking up, it puts a damper on my reading experience. If I’m reading a book that suddenly speeds up the last 100 pages, I feel like I’m rushed and that I can’t enjoy the ending because everything is flying by.

Have the pacing be consistent. Don’t have it too slow or too fast, rather it should be a happy medium of the two.


To be considered a good plot, it must follow five essential events: The Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution. Each of these events can create a cohesive plot without any holes or any questions that would pop up. The plot is one of the most essential things in a story, and if not done correctly it will slowly unravel. If there are missing holes, the story will fall apart, and certain things will not line up correctly.

But you can’t just have a plot that matches up, but it has to be exciting full of action and helps that characters grow as people. If it’s not exciting or interesting, the reader will lose interest and might DNF the book or give it a low rating. Due to this, a book must balance creating a well thought out plot but also while making it exciting.

3. Characters

Characters are one of the most important aspects of a book. If the reader can not feel for the character or relate to them in some way, then the reader most likely will not like the book. Why would I read a book with characters that I don’t care for at all? That’s why this is so important to make your characters feel like real people and that they go through struggles. Or else they feel fake and that they are perfect all the time.

As well as having characters go through real struggles, they have to have depth to them and not be one-dimensional. Say, for example, I had a character named Gabby who is supposed to be “The Dumb Girl” archetype. This is what I mean by one-dimensional. The character should not have only one defining characteristic but rather many that show us the character is more than that one trait.

But the author can’t just tell traits straight out, but rather, they have to show this. Authors can do this by creating character arcs that challenge them and make them change their perspectives. By introducing character arcs, it allows the characters to grow and become a better version of themselves or a worse version. In real life, we all go through “character arcs” where we learn new things about ourselves and go through life-changing situations.

Characters must feel like real-life people so readers can relate to them. If not, my rating might not be as good. Characters are the heart of the story.

4. Writing: Showing vs. Telling

One of the most important things that a book must do is show rather than tell. If the writer has to use telling in their writing, you have to make sure it’s brief that deals with telling backstory, plot, or setting the tone. Telling must be used briefly because if it is overused, it can get annoying and seem not that complex. It also helps to avoid info-dumping for worldbuilding.

The writing must help to further the story then hinder it. The writing also should not repeat the same phrases over and over again. This gets repetitive and makes the writing seem of a much lower quality compared to everything else in the book. It should depictive by painting a clear picture in my head while reading.

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you next time!

How do I choose my books? // A Discussion

Hey Guys!

Today I’m going to be discussing how I decide what books I want to read! For me, it’s quite a lengthy process!


For me, if a book does not have a good synopsis then I’m not going to read it. The synopsis is one of the main ways to get a reader to get interested in a book. If the synopsis is boring then I’m not going to pick the book up. I’m looking for an intriguing story that grabs my interests and makes me want to grab a copy immediately.

A great example of this would be the Synopsis for The Girl’s I’ve been.

Nora O’Malley’s been a lot of girls. As the daughter of a con-artist who targets criminal men, she grew up as her mother’s protégé. But when mom fell for the mark instead of conning him, Nora pulled the ultimate con: escape.

For five years Nora’s been playing at normal. But she needs to dust off the skills she ditched because she has three problems:

#1: Her ex walked in on her with her girlfriend. Even though they’re all friends, Wes didn’t know about her and Iris.

#2: The morning after Wes finds them kissing, they all have to meet to deposit the fundraiser money they raised at the bank. It’s a nightmare that goes from awkward to deadly, because:

#3: Right after they enter bank, two guys start robbing it.

The bank robbers may be trouble, but Nora’s something else entirely. They have no idea who they’re really holding hostage…

This is a great example of a synopsis because it makes me interested in what will happen. We are told that there is a bank robbery, that she was the daughter of a con artist, and that she just got into a sticky situation with her girlfriend and ex-boyfriend. This spawns questions in my head, like “I wonder what will happen” and “How will this all fit together.” By leaving some of it a mystery, we want to know what will happen to make us more likely to pick up the book.


If I discover a book by an author that I enjoy their other books, I most likely will pick it up. Why? If I have liked their content in the past, I will pick up all of their books because I enjoy their writing style and storytelling. I also enjoy following their journey of seeing how their writing progresses. It is usually typical for a writer to improve their craft the more they write. I love Marie Lu and Sarah J Maas books, so if they release a new book, you would be correct if you said I would buy it.

The same could be said for why I don’t choose certain books. Some authors I’m not a fan of their storytelling or writing, so I tend to veer away from their books. But some authors are problematic and support things that I don’t. So I tend not to read their books due to have different opinions and morals.


I know I shouldn’t use the cover of a book to judge whether or not I should read a book. But I’m so guilty of it. Many times if I see a pretty book cover, I’m bound to be interested in it. I have learned the hard way that even if a book has a beautiful cover doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best. Looks at Ash Princess

But some books have pretty covers, and they turn out to be fabulous books. The same could be said for books that don’t have the prettiest book cover.


Many times I ask my fellow bloggers and Goodreads friends for some good book recommendations. I trust them to give me good Recommendations, and most of the time it happens. So yes, this does help me choose my books because sometimes I have no idea what I want to read and recommendations help me figure out what books I want to read.

They also help to guide me on what books to stay away from. I also trust them to keep me away from beds books, which they do and I am glad they do.

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers and Goodreads friends for giving me Recommendations!

Good Reviews:

This option I rarely use, but sometimes I do employ it. If I see people posting reviews raving about how this book is so good and that you should read it. Then I’m going to add it to my list. This also works the opposite way. If I see a review that is ranting on a book negatively, I’m going to try to avoid it. I only really read reviews from people I trust will be honest and open about a book.

Thank you for reading this post! What discussions would you like me to do in the future?

See you all next time!