Reading Slumps: How do you get out of them? // A Discussion

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What are Reading Slumps?

Reading Slumps are when you aren’t in the mood to read or can’t get into reading a book. They can last for a few days. It can even last several weeks, depending on the severity of it.

The signs that you have fallen prey to the DREADED Reading Slump…

  • It starts gradually. It usually happens when you are in the middle of a book and finds some flaws while reading. And then suddenly, you can’t read it anymore. You are stuck in the same place and keep reading the same line over again 
  • You think that you’ll get past this particular line, but you don’t. So you decided to continue it tomorrow. But the same thing happens every time.
  • You decided to read something else, but it doesn’t end up working. You can’t get into it.

That is when you have fallen prey to the DREADED Reading Slump

Tips to get out of reading slumps

I’m going to be giving some tips on how to get out of the dread reading slumps! Hopefully, these tips will help you whenever you get stuck in a slump!

  • Tip One: Read an Audiobook 
    • Sometimes your eyes need a break from reading. To give your eyes a rest, listening to an audiobook can allow them to, but you’re still reading.
  • Tip Two: Re-Read an old favorite 
    • Sometimes if you just read a book you loved in the past, it can help remind you why you love reading in the first place, encouraging you to read again!
  • Tip Three: Talk to your bookish friends 
    • If you talk to your Bookish Friends, they will give you the motivation to keep trying and may give you new recommendations to try out!
  • Tip Four: Read a Shorter, Fast-Paced Book 
    • If you read a short, fast-paced book and finish it, you may feel accomplished after reading it. If so, it could help you delve back into your regular TBR
  • Tip Six: Try a New Genre 
    • If you keep reading Fantasy books, you may become disinterested and become bored reading the same genre over and over. If you try reading a new genre, like historical fiction, it would give you a break and introduce you to a new genre.
  • Tip Seven: Don’t Stress Yourself out not being able to read
    • If you’re not able to read, that okay! If you stress about it more, the less and less reading you’ll get done. Rather take a break and come back to it.
  • Tip Eight: Read some Blog Posts or watch Booktube
    • Watching or Reading posts about loving reading always makes you want to experience that feeling with them. You can always receive inspiration to start a new book or get new recommendations!
  • Tip Nine: Reorganize your Bookshelves
    • If you redo your bookshelves, it will help you remember some of your great reading moments and your favorite books. You’ll also end up with a brand new reorganized bookshelf at the end!

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