The Bookish Baking Book Tag // Do I smell something baking in the oven?

Hey guys!

Welcome back! Today I’m going to do the Bookish Baking Book Tag! I saw this tag done by The Sassy Library Fox and decided that I wanted to do this tag for myself! I love to bake and read, so I thought this would be the best way to combine two of my hobbies into one!

Let’s get started!


  • Thank whoever tagged you
  • Link back to them and the original creator (Kay @ Hammock of Books)
  •  Answer the 12 prompts, and feel free to use these graphics
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Six of Crows has the perfect beginning because it starts with the iconic line, “Joost had two problems: the moon and his mustache.” This line makes me laugh every time I read it. It helps to set up the main problem and starts to put the book into action. Also, this first line strays so far away from the tone and seems so displaced that it’s almost laughable. 


I don’t think I’ve ever read a holiday book. So I don’t have a pick for this one. Maybe if I read one in the future, I’ll add it here.

This is such a tough category because I have two characters that would win this category, but I don’t know who to pick between the two of them.

You may be wondering who these two are? Wylan from Six of Crows and Azriel from A Court of Thorns and Roses. 

You feel the need to protect these two no matter what because they have been through lots of trauma and hardship in their lives. You also want them to have the best ending and live a happy life after the series ends.

Hurricane Summer gives me summer vibes for sure. First of all, the word “summer” is in the title of this book. This book takes place over the summer, where Tilla is sent to Jamaica to spend time with her father’s family. While there, Tilla has to deal with her father’s family, who don’t treat her well, while tries to enjoy herself by doing summer activities to block out the negatives. 

I would say Red Queen because I read this when I was younger, and I remember loving this. I loved the whole concept of this series, the character, the worldbuilding: you name it. I doubt my feelings would be the same, so I will have to re-read this series in the future. I’m interested to see how much my feelings would change from then to now. 

So if you haven’t noticed, I don’t read classics.

I read Romeo and Juliet, but I didn’t like it at all. That’s the only classic I’ve read. I would like to read more classics, but if I have a fantasy book, I’m more likely to pick that one up. I don’t know if the Handmaiden’s Tale is a classic, but I want to read that one!

I would have to say Letters to the Lost. This is such a beautiful book that makes you feel compassionate for the characters, even though they make many mistakes. It addresses the issues of labels and how people are so quick to judge you based on one thing. It brings to light the theme that you shouldn’t judge people based on one thing because you never know what they are going through.

Tweet Cute is the perfect fit for this category. That’s it.

Anyways so, the two main characters are so cute, and their relationship is so pure. First, they start as enemies, but they still bicker in a way that’s so funny and cute. Their grilled cheese war was so fun to read, and reading how they slowly fall in love made me smile the whole time.

The Hate U Give would be my choice for this category because this book has such an important message that people need to hear to make real change in the world. This book covers issues that still face our world today: racism and police brutality. It’s important to bring light to these issues to educate people. It shows what it’s like to be a POC, and the racism they faced.

So technically, I haven’t started The Priory of the Orange Tree, but it’s VERY intimidating. I mean, it’s over 800 pages, and I will have to commit lots of time to read it. But I’m so excited to read it, and have heard it is so good! I’m hoping to get to it soon and share my thoughts about it with all of you! 

Iron widow is not only a diverse book; it has great action and amazing characters! The worldbuilding is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and it brings in new elements that I’ve never seen before. This book includes Asian Rep, a healthy polyamorous relationship, many LGBTQ+ characters, and strong themes of feminism, gender roles, and gender identity. 

The Cruel Prince has so much hype around it. I always see people talk about it on Goodreads, the book blogger sphere, and booktube. I quite enjoyed this book, but I haven’t read it in quite a while. The characters were so memorable, the world was well written, and the overall story is crafted so brilliantly put together.

I Tag…

What did you think of my choices? Thanks for checking out this post!

See you next time!

16 thoughts on “The Bookish Baking Book Tag // Do I smell something baking in the oven?

  1. I loved reading your answers to this tag, thanks so much for doing it ❤ The Cruel Prince has SO MUCH hype but honestly 100% deserved that series owns me. Tweet Cute is the fluffiest book ever and I love it so much, and Wylan is definitely a smol cinnamon roll who must be protected. And I'm jealous you've already read Iron Widow–absolutely can't wait for that one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Yes, Wylan has to be protected at all costs for sure! I hope you enjoy it whenever you get to read it!!


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